Sigh….Netscape went ahead and …

Sigh….Netscape went ahead and released Netscape 6 PR2 today, well before it’s ready for primetime, especially the Mac version. I’ve said as much to several people privately since I’ve had access to PR2 nightly builds for a couple of weeks now. Why Netscape keeps issuing pre-beta software, and then getting slammed by their users for it being so slow and buggy, is beyond me. At this point the Mac version of Mozilla (M17) is faster than Netscape 6 PR2 [discussion], and since .jar support for Mozilla just landed in the M18 nightlies, I expect a substantial speed increase. The point we all need to take from this is that Mozilla is not Netscape, despite the shared codebase.

Bookmark: Philip Glass’ “Symphony No. 5 (Choral) – Requiem, Bardo and Nirmanakaya” at BAM on October 4.

Why were so many protestors (about 400) at the Republican National Convention jailed last week, and then why was bail set so high (upwards of a million dollars)?

Word to the wise: Don’t fly United anytime soon. Good thing my United travel voucher is valid for a year.

Stupid journalists. Do a bit more research next time. Here’s an article [now updated, removing the paragraph from the developer] about Netscape 6, quoting some two-bit web designer who claims that his site doesn’t work in Netscape. The problem, it turns out, isn’t Netscape 6, but the developer’s HTML code. The moron didn’t close his HTML table so Netscape didn’t render it. So tell me, just how does this relate to Netscape 6 being a buggy browser? Stupid journalists.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 8, 2000 10:16 PM

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