People often email me …

People often email me and ask why I’m so critical about certain things, namely Microsoft and George W. Bush. What it boils down to is that these are my opinions. I am entitled to state them whenever and wherever I want to, and that includes on this web site. If you happen to disagree with my opinions, you are welcome to email me and debate the issues. Or better yet, start your own web site and offer up your opinions.

Regarding Microsoft, I admire the company (but not necessarily their leaders) tremendously, but am very concerned about their business practices – especially their claims of innovation in the high-technology industry. I’m also very concerned about how society will be affected by the whims of Bill Gates and gang. Sometimes their business decisions do far more harm to technology innovation than good. One company simply shouldn’t have that much control.

Regarding George W. Bush, well he’s just an idiot who’s not fit for office. This is my opinion based on what I know, what I’ve read, and what I’ve watched on TV. I mean, if he were to come visit my house, sit down for dinner with me and convince me otherwise, then perhaps my opinion would be changed. Until then, my opinions about him are based on how he portrays himself in the media – or perhaps how the media portrays him.

Wow, I keep forgetting that I have lots of foreign readers. [Waves hello to all my European and Asian readers]. I’ll try to make a conscious effort to keep these readers in mind when writing my opinions about things happening in America.

To all my Michigan readers: You should try to make it to the Fray Day being held in Grand Rapids the same night as Fray Day 4 in San Francisco. I’m planning on being at the San Francisco gathering. See you there.

Recently I saw on the subway someone reading the Yellow Rat Bastard magazine. And then I saw a British tourist carrying a Yellow Rat Bastard shopping bag.

Seen written on a billboard at the 23rd St. F-line stop in NYC (I added the links):

The F train never runs
The F train never comes
I just worked 12 hours
It’s 5:00 A.M.
This sucks.
I should have walked.

New York City’s Great Outdoors. Some observations about the proliferating giant billboards in NYC. [found at cardhouse]

Win a shower with Jesus. Hmmmm….

Whoo, this debate should be good if Bush doesn’t chicken out.

This is weird. Either I’m a really observant person or just plain lucky. Tonight markes the third time in a month that I’ve found money on the street. Last month I found $20 in the gutter on Market Street in San Francisco. And then about two weeks later I found $5 on the floor of the Subway restaurant near my workplace in NYC. And tonight I found another $20 on the street near where I work. A few years back I found about $300 or so on the counter of a gas station in Northern Michigan. That was simply too much money for me to keep so I turned it in.

The Boy With the Arab Strap” by Belle and Sebastian is currently my favorite song. BTW, I suck at picking good music. Please recommend more like this.

RIP, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 6, 2000 11:41 PM

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