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When I moved to New York, my salary more than doubled. Yet, here I am six months later and I’m still trying to get over that debt hump. And I begin to ask myself, “Where is all that money going?” The truth is, living in New York (and even Brooklyn) is horribly expensive. This article in New York magazine tackles the issue by outlining seven different people, their incomes, and lifestyles. And my own situation is starting to make sense now…

From fool.com comes an excellent article about the average credit card debt an American carries, and gives some tips on how to get out of it. [via SVN]

RedHerring: Bill Gates Unplugged. In an interview, Gates talks [ahem, gets angry] about .NET, developers, standards, and Linux. Whoo-hoo, this is a great interview. Gates really gets riled.

O’ReillyNet: Weekly Open Source Roundtable (audio)

Jupiter-sized planet found orbiting a nearby star.

I don’t get it. Almost everyone I know, both online and off, acknowledge that Dubya is a complete, blithering idiot and will probably not vote for him this Fall. Yet, all the polls keep showing that Dubya commands a lead. What’s going on? Is the media portraying Dubya for the incapable leader he is? Do people really hate the Democratic party enough to vote this moron into office? I know who I’m voting for this Fall: anyone but Bush. And knowing how the political system in this country works, that’s likely to be Al Gore.

IBM DeveloperWorks is sponsoring a contest for entrepreneurs. Interesting.

Linux Today: There is Nothing Wrong with Mozilla

WebTechniques: Building a High-Volume Newsletter Server (and a follow-up)

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