11-19-1863: The Gettysburg Powerpoint …

11-19-1863: The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation

Over the weekend I also met the guy who invented the Geocities pop-up and scrolling “g”. He swore me to secrecy, I cannot tell you his name.

Wouldn’t it be funny to print out huge signs that says “God Hates Flash” and “Flash is Evil” and then picket the front of the building where FlashForward2000 conference is being held this week in New York? Heh.

Microsoft PR: Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. We like to announce meaningless press releases. Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz. Can you count the buzzwords? Bzz, bzzz, bzzz…

Excellent Salon.com article on Advotago. Unfortunately, too much press around a cool service/site/community will eventually kill it, as happened with Slashdot, which is now mostly a bunch of freaking idiots flaming each other.

Upside: Linux answers call of Net telephony

Linux closing in on Microsoft market share, study says

Ha ha! This is great. The geniuses over at CBS.com inadvertantly created a way for people to figure out who the last survivor is on the stupid Survivor show. What a bunch of idiots. Ha ha.

I was going to write a short piece tonight talking about the WaSP “Open Letter to Netscape” but then I read Chris Nelson’s rebuttal at MozillaZine, and he says it so much better. Frankly, I’m disappointed that WaSP felt they needed to write and publish such a piece. Didn’t they think about the harm they might be doing? As Chris says, what exactly are their goals for writing such a piece? I know some of these WaSP people, and know that their intentions are good, but I wonder. When the WaSP was created and announced, I sent an email asking to join. I never received a response. I joined the mailing list for a short while, but the signal-to-noise ratio was far too high, so I unsubscribed. As responsible citizens in the web design and development industries, did the WaSP even inquire with Netscape about when they were going to release Netscape 6? Did they ask the Mozilla team when Mozilla 1.0 is going to be out? Or did they make a bunch of assumptions about Netscape’s browser plans and then proceed to write a scathing, but uninformed letter, chastizing Netscape for their drawn-out development process?

These Macromedia Flash market penetration figures seem a little hard to believe. I’m concerned that the future of the web is going to be a three-way race between Microsoft .NET, Macromedia Flash, and Mozilla. For instance, Macromedia has yet to announce player support for Netscape 6 and Mozilla. Have they? Keep in mind that Flash is a closed platform, it’s just the file format that is open.

Great news! Nielsen/NetRatings is reporting that more women now surf the web than men in the United States.

Pride and Prejudice: The Platform War Comes to the Web. [found at mrbarrett.com]

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