Today’s links suck in …

Today’s links suck in that you’ll find them elsewhere. Apologies for being too busy to find anything interesting.

Client-server action? Hmmm….

The NY Times article that pissed ESR off. Wow, OK. I confess. I didn’t read this article before I linked to it. Only now, several hours later did I actually read it, er…I mean try to read it. This has got to be one of the most trite pieces of juvenile journalism I’ve read in a long time. I expected a lot more from the NY Times and am genuinely shocked that they actually published such drivel. Any editor with common sense would have tossed this article into the trash can after reading the first paragraph. It’s that bad.

Cam: Browser Wars Redux

I’ve updated my essays section with a lot of old email postings and various essays I’ve written over the past year.

Mother Jones: Violent Media is Good For Kids

Apple Human Interface Alumni. [Thanks Elan, for the link]

Tonight on the subway ride (the F line) home, I saw a young woman wearing a t-shirt that said “Rash is gone” in big black letters. Hmmm….

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 28, 2000 06:26 PM

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