If I had an …

If I had an extra $2300 I’d by one of these DVD players.

So, a few years ago I wrote a rant about spam. Today I received spam about this rant about spam. Pathetic.

Transitions in Information Design

I’ve been using PayPal for eBay transactions for a while now, and due to the sign-up process at PayPal I now have more than one account. As far as I can tell there is no way to combine multiple accounts either. This came about because someone sent me PayPal money to an email address that is different from the email address I use for my eBay transactions. Oops! I hope PayPal fixes this problem of multiple sign-up paths.

At the end of a long day, I come home, plop myself on the couch, download some email to the server, telnet into a mail account with the wireless powerbook, turn on the teevee — some 300+ channels, mostly movies — and the only thing I care to watch is Silicon Spin? The whole scenario screams webgeek. Such is my life.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 20, 2000 03:01 PM

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