So, it’s been six …

So, it’s been six months since changed their site design from a sensible and readable layout to the current DHTML monstrosity. New Media (and used to be a magazine that I read regularly, but since the switch I haven’t been back once. I’m sure I’m not the only web designer who has stopped visiting. I’d be curious to know if their readership has dropped. I’m betting that it has.

Long-time reader Conrad Walton sent me a note about a site he hosts:, which is a small software company. Apparently the site went from 250 hits a day to over 30,000 hits a day. There’s a short article about this up at

Apparently, lawnmower racing is turning into quite a popular sport in the Midwest. I love the domain name of the U.S. Lawnmower Racing Association.

Anyone who has spent time in an office knows the universal drive we all share to race around in wheeled office chairs. C’mon, you know you’ve done it. It’s even turned into somewhat of a regular event at MIT. Here’s a humorous story about chair racing. [from Owen]

Whew, Lane’s back. I know how busy he’s been, though, so I don’t blame him. Also, I expect the rest of my summer to be super busy, for several reasons that I will disclose shortly [stay tuned], so if I start slacking with CamWorld, you have my permission to nag me about it.

MrBarrett: Tale of a Clueless IT Director

Bradlands goes to [SFX: ominous chord] ADSL HELL!!![SFX: echo, reverb]

Here’s an interesting article discussing the cracking of AOL’s customer service tools and account database.

This Red Herring article about PR hacks reminds me of RLE’s wonderful “Tips For PR Flacks.

Robert X. Cringely’s latest column talks about how Microsoft might benefit from Judge Jackson’s ruling, and also how Microsoft’s hardware design guidelines used by OEMs have actually hurt consumers.

This MSNBC article warns that Microsoft’s dominance in certain software industries actually stifles creativity and individual thought. Hey, just like the Borg.

Dig it, baby. Ferrari Sparklefreak, man.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 17, 2000 12:13 PM

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