The Myth of … The Myth of Open Source Security

Software Developer Communities:

If Microsoft’s true fate lies in the hands of the software developers of the world, then who among today’s software companies stands to gain the most marketshare? My bet is that it will be companies who have strong developer infrastructures and communities in place. Companies like Oracle who have 600,000 active developers. Or companies like Apple, who are betting that their new, modern OS will lead them into the next decade of home and office computing. How do Slashdot and other developer communities tie into this emerging software development process? The stronger a community, the better your software?

Salon has an interesting article about the blame being pushed around in the wake of the Central Park attacks during the Puerto Rican Day Parade last Sunday. Reminds me of the controversial Seinfeld episode. Here’s a clue. If you act like a bunch of assholes, you’re going to be portrayed as such. Hiding under the shield of a “minority event” is such a cop-out. I came to this realization last Sunday after having to ride in a subway car full of Puerto Rican Day celebrants who were openly smoking, drinking, shouting, yelling, playing loud music, and generally acting like a bunch of assholes.

I mean, I enjoy a public event just as much as the next guy, but when such a celebration is used as an excuse to have a citywide party and to break the law on numerous occasions, then I’d just as soon ask the city to cancel the festivities.

Just say “no” to PHP.

The coolest thing about the M16 release of Mozilla is that it now has native scrollbar widgets built right in. The default scrollbars are the cross-platform widgets they developed. To change them, go to Edit: Preferences: Debug and uncheck “gfx scrollbars”. Cool.

The original Netscape press release. [found at Barista]

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