MSDN: A Young Person’s …

MSDN: A Young Person’s Guide to The Simple Object Access Protocol: SOAP Increases Interoperability Across Platforms and Languages

I just got an email [spam?] from someone claiming to be selling Star Wars DVDs. He emailed me after spotting my old page at DVDTracker. Does anyone know if these are legit? I’m guessing they are pirated copies. Send me links to discussions about such pirating. I’m intrigued.

Damn, my readers can find anything — A Galaxy of Bootlegs: A Look at Pirate Star Wars DVDs.

BlogNow is a cool litle Windows-only application. [It’s too bad Mac users can’t use it.] On further thought, why can’t something like this be done with an advanced bookmarklet?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 13, 2000 03:39 PM

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