Happy Birthday. CamWorld turned …

Happy Birthday. CamWorld turned three years old today.

Boston Glode: Falsus in omnibus.

Wow, this is amazing. Chronological listing of places I’ve lived [I’ve moved a lot]:

Tim O’Reilly: The Network Really is the Computer [Must read.]

Where can I get Ecco Cosmo men’s sandals online for less than $100? Send tips.

GoShopping.com. Huh?

O’Reilly has an awesome page of Internet and technology conference listings. Far better than anything else.

Sexualrecords.com. [A good idea.]

Adventures of a big white guy living in Hong Kong. [via efader.pitas.com]

Assembler.org: Making Art With Machine Code. [submitted by superape]

alt.sex.stories Text Repository. [submitted by sexlog]

Nice new weblog: Rathergood.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 11, 2000 02:00 PM