Jim Roepke really likes …

Jim Roepke really likes WebObjects. I think it’s a pretty impressive system, too. This will likely mean future compatibility with stuff like Apache’s Java Project, JServ, Jakarta, Turbine, and numerous other open source projects that are being developed using server side Java. This is good.

Stammtisch is the diary of Josh and Michael. Great stuff. Great writing.

I must start reading Slashdot regularly again. This is the first I’ve heard of openCola.

All of these links have something in common:

All of these PDF documents are on my desktop, meaning that I’ve downloaded and read/printed them recently:

A List Apart: Bridging the Gap [between desigenrs and sysadmins]

Linux Journal: The Long View on Linux, Part 2

I like meat. I’m not a vegetarian. What are our teeth for, if not for chewing up meat and tough foodstuffs? Sure, the levels of animal treatment are not as good as some of you would like, but livestock raised for consumption is an important part of our culture. See the cow. Pet the cow. Kill the cow. Eat the cow.

Hey, vegetarianism is cool. I respect people who have decided to go that route. It’s just not for me. I had a roast beef sandwich with bacon from Subway for lunch. It was good.

Le Monde Diplomatique: Free software for all

Tomorrow, I plan on attending the all-day free conference called Excavating the Archive at Parsons Scool of Design in New York City. I hope to see you there. [via Peterme]

This is such a cool idea. I work with some really smart people!

The NeXT Big Thing.

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