I’m back. Lots of …

I’m back. Lots of stuff going on. Trip back to Michigan – long drive, speeding ticket. Writing a computer book. Working 10 and 12 hour days. More stuff I can’t talk about yet. Exciting things happening at work, at home, and even with clients. DSL being installed tomorrow. New G4 card for my Mac. Writing a couple of ALA articles, hope I get them finished soon. I think that covers most of the past week.

CamWorld turns three years old on June 11.

I hope Adobe fixes all the insane problems with type control with Photoshop 6. Adobe said they were going to fix them in 5.0 and they didn’t. And then Adobe said they were going to fix them in 5.5, and they didn’t. Is it too much to ask to have the same type controls in Photoshop that we have in Illustrator?

Linux Journal: The Long View on Linux, Part 1

You’re a CEO of a cheesy startup. What do you do? You purchase another cheesy startup that’s been in the news a lot lately.

Lawyer vs. WebGeek. Go Tim, go.

Scientific American: XML and the Second-Generation Web

Flazoom: A Cancer on the Web Called Flash [via Metafilter]

The Open Bookmark Project. [Interesting.]

ApacheToday.com launched the other day. Despite the numerous typos, it looks like it’ll be a very informative site for those using the Apache web server.

Litter ain’t just for cats anymore. Woof!

Join PlasticsHiFi on their East Coast tour. I’m going to try and make it to their NYC show, but my schedule looks pretty tight.

Though it sounds like a porn site, I’m finding loads of great commentary and links at tsluts.com.

Managing Unix Resources. [via Hack-the-Planet]

Readability Of Websites With Various Foreground/Background Color Combinations, Font Types And Word Styles

The [open source] free software vs. commercial software debate rages on over at Hack-the-Planet discussion forums.

Cool! The Cow Parade is coming to New York. I wonder how many New Yorkers will be arrested for lewd behaviour with fiberglass cows?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 1, 2000 03:56 PM

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