First BlogBowl Bowling Get-Together: …

First BlogBowl Bowling Get-Together: Tonight at 9:00 P.M. in New York City. Come join us!

Wow. I wonder if this is true, or merely tabloid journalism.

Controversy: Should Public Policy Support Open-Source Software? This debate is of special interest if the DOJ forces Microsoft to open source Internet Explorer, which may happen.

Mo Nickels: Keith’s Hobbies. These Mo Nickels stories are amazing. Three-Card Monty. Kitty’s Social Work Frustrations. Apartments. Pick-Pockets. Freelance. Wow. Read ’em all, folks.

So, reading today’s (viewed by date) I skipped right to the technology section, spotted the article about Microsoft, clicked, and started reading about Elephants. I was about two paragraphs into the story before I realized that the “elephant” wasn’t Microsoft and I was reading the wrong story. Hmmm….I think Salon still needs to work out their production bugs.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 25, 2000 01:49 PM