Kragen Sitaker on the …

Kragen Sitaker on the philosophy behind open source and free software.

A former employee recounts some of the challenges they faced and points out that the biggest failure was the lack of understanding regarding front-end (client-side) technology being used. [via Metafilter]

Jeffrey Zeldman is writing a computer book. [As it happens, so am I! More details to follow soon.] I feel as overwhelmed as Jeffrey does. There are many things going on in my professional life right now that I can’t talk about. All will be revealed soon.

Deepleap has launched, a site that will serve as the community hub for Deepleap developers. Does this mean that they’re going to turn Deepleap into an open source project? That would be very cool, indeed.

ActiveState just announced that they’re planning on integrating Perl and Python into Mozilla to create a cross-platform development framework.

O’ReillyNet: Why Our Dependency on Microsoft Makes Us Susceptible. Statistics don’t lie. [via]

Ars Technica has a really long, in-depth review of Mac OS X DP4. For those not technically-oriented, you can skip right to page six, which talks more about the UI issues and problems with Aqua. Overall, DP4 is looking pretty good. If Apple can solve the outstanding issues repeatedly being brought up, and make the OS more user-friendly for experienced users, it stands a chance at being the model for all OS development for the next 20 years, just as the original Mac OS GUI has been imitated by almost every OS on the market today.

I can always tell when I’m doing research, as I suddenly find an extraordinary amount of PDF documents saved to my desktop.

I’m sorry, but Big Mamma’s House looks like a complete rip-off of Mrs. Doubtfire. Why can’t Hollywood come up with original ideas anymore?

The team is available for new projects, as referenced at — Flash 4 required (no surprise). [via 2 Things at Once]

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