Nope, I’m not surprised. …

Nope, I’m not surprised. The site was just too hard to use. E-commerce is about convenience and a good customer experience, not flashy graphics and technology. Don’t get me wrong, I think the graphic design is very nice and well thought out. It’s the over-use of technology that killed this site.

The Invisible Man Hand Puppet! Amaze your friends! Pick up chicks! Buy one today!

The Shrine of the Great Monkey. [found at Infohazard]

Styrofoam Man! [from Tara Calishain]

Verisign: Applied Hacking Training. It’s interesting to see such courses being offered.

I’m not usually one to like Europop/Powerpop but I’m really liking this band called Headboard I found at Especially the songs called “See You Around” and “Tell Me How”.

How to Lose a Fight So The Other Guy Goes to Jail. [via Jason Fried]

Chris Gulker on Microsoft.

Slashdot: Zeldman Bites Back [Design community commentary]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 18, 2000 05:58 PM

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