Pork Meat Quotation? I …

Pork Meat Quotation? I get some of the weirdest email.

You want to do what with beef? [Mature readers only]

I hadn’t seen this site, reflect.com, before seeing a blurb about it over at GoodExperience. After about two minutes of using the site, I realized it was the Boo.com nightmare all over again. Why do companies insist on creating such hard-to-use, technology-laden, and bandwidth-heavy commerce sites? It boggles the mind. It may be a pretty site, but it sure is damn hard to use.

Blither, blather, blah, blah, blah….

Fool: How are stock prices “set”?

Tim O’Reilly: Lessons From the Layoffs at Linuxcare [must-read!]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 9, 2000 12:42 PM