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Please note: CamWorld is a place for me to share my opinions with the world regarding my interests, hobbies, and work-related issues. It has never pretended to be anything else, nor should it be interpreted as anything more than one web geek’s opinions about a bunch of stuff. If you happen to have a different opinion than me, please don’t hesitiate to let me know. I’m a friendly guy and enjoy debating this stuff. The sheer amount of flames and email I get from people using temporary Hotmail accounts who feel they need to hide behind an alias in order to communicate with me is mindboggling.

My office is on 22nd Street in NYC and looks north towards the Empire State Building and Central Park. There have been three helicopters hovering over the park for about 10-15 minutes. What’s going on? One of them has a huge TV camera sticking out its side. [I think it might be TV news coverage for the public viewing of Cardinal O’Connor.]

With software like ARDI Executor and Mac-on-Linux, I expect to see more and more people switching from Microsoft Windows, given the uncertainty of Microsoft’s future. Companies like Eazel are currently building Linux GUIs that look and feel like the Mac OS interface and operating system, but safely get around all the problems and instability of Microsoft’s operating systems and the aging filesystem (file manager) the Mac OS is built upon (which accounts for some of its slowness). It’s entirely possible that Linux-based computers may outnumber all others within a few years. They’ve got a lot of work to do, but the preliminary direction they’ve established is looking very promising.

Hmmm, it’s nice to see I have some “mature” readers. I think the HTTP_USER_AGENT speaks volumes, don’t you?

The Phonefree TV commercial I asked about the other day? Chris Dove wrote in that it was the song “God Yu Takem Laef Blong Mi” from The Thin Red Line soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. I found the MP3 and downloaded it. It’s very similar but not the same. Mark Roedel wrote in and said that customer service told him that the music was composed specifically for their use. Bummer.

Several people have asked if I was serious when I said that I use Pine as my primary email client. It’s true. I keep it open all day at work, and when I get home I download all my email to Eudora 3.1 (Yikes!). For my work email, I use Outlook Express 5.02 (Macintosh Edition), which thankfully is not vulnerable to the many virii that plague Outlook users on Windows. Pine is awesome because you can access it from any computer anywhere that has a telnet client on it. Now, if I could only figure out the peculiarities of procmail…

It’s also true that I save almost all my email, even the spam. I’m nearing about 100,000 messages at home since approx. 1996 and about 10,000 or so at work since February. And this was after I deleted some huge mailing list archives I had laying around from 1995-1997.

One of the things I want to figure out is how to get all of my email into a MySQL database so that I can put a web front-end on it. That way I can have access to all of my email archives from any web browser in the world. For all I know, someone has already figured this out. Send me links!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 5, 2000 03:46 PM

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