Tim O’Reilly on Book …

Tim O’Reilly on Book Publishing:

“Most publishers think that their business is to create products that people
want, and that accordingly transfer dollars from consumers’ pockets to their
own. At O’Reilly, we believe that the core of our business is to transfer
knowledge from people who have it to people who need it. Yes, we are in
business to make money, but this is a kind of housekeeping, not the purpose
of the business.”

Servlets.com: The Problems with JSP

A Linux-based PDA. This is pretty cool. It has an NTSC input jack (for television) and a digital camera as optional add-ons.

David Wertheimer: Why I Hate My Palm Pilot

Please re-read: How the Web Was Almost Won

Bruce Tognazzini talks about the history of user interface conventions and what Apple should be doing with Mac OS X. There are a lot of new UI concepts that could easily be integrated into Mac OS X, Eazel, or any other OS UI of the future. [More: Eazel screenshots]

Awww, were the wittle MSFT stock holders a wittle upset? I seem to recall this exact same behavior a few years back when journalists proclaimed that Apple was dead.

Girl’s Guide to Geek Guys. This is pretty accurate despite the fact that it was written in 1994, and is chock full of 1994 geek stereotypes. [via RiotHero]

Drue Miller: How to Love Geek Girls. [If you read both of these, do they cancel each other out?]

Tripping has been covering the political news coming out of Zimbabwe lately.

The UCFX WooHoo5 34500 AGP Graphics Acceleration Video Card. Whoohoo! [found at Hack-The-Planet]

Stupid Research Tricks.

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