So, I finally was …

Fast Company, May 2000; bottom left-hand corner, page 82.

They’re filming an episode of “Now and Again” outside my office today. Ugh.

Abusing the Internet by sending our millions of pieces of spam and unsolicited email ought to be a federal law.

Run! Run for your lives. Or just cancel cable and get a satellite dish. Or better yet, stop watching TV altogether. [Note: CamWorld is no longer 100% Elian Gonzales free. The media just sucked me in. Aaargh!]

Some reporters shouldn’t be allowed to write technology pieces. This article about Netscape 6 PR1 is so full of FUD that you’d think he was a Microsoft crony. Hey, here’s an idea, let’s dumb it down so that even our idiot readers can follow the story. Jeez, it’s worse than that awful USA Today crap people read on the subway. If you don’t believe me, read the first and last lines of the article referenced. And then re-read the article’s title. Ack, how freaking trite.

AllExperts still hasn’t fixed their programming mistake. I guess they don’t care about the privacy of their end users.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 21, 2000 05:31 PM

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