Monday. Is it really …

Monday. Is it really Monday?

For those readers who are coming here for my Mozilla links, I’m now posting them to a separate weblog called Understanding Mozilla.

Privacy Forum: Web Security, Privacy, and the Big Lie

Another reason not to visit porn sites.

When my brother Damien was a teacher he complained constantly about the lack of online and computer knowledge found in the majority of the schools he taught at and visited. He’s since told me that in addition to the low pay, this was one of the primary reasons he left the teaching profession. Computer-savvy teachers are leaving the teaching profession in droves after discovering they can make lots more money using the same skills in other industries. We used to talk a lot about what our country’s teachers needed when it came to educating them about computers and the Internet. I had the idea of creating a company that served this need, where Damien would travel the country giving lectures and training courses to any school who needed them. It’s not unlikely that such a business would be able to get a large grant from the government. It’s refreshing to see papers like the Washington Post address this problem and shed some light on it.

Models, Processes, and Techniques for Information Design. Especially read the papers and articles in the Techniques section. [Excellent resource]

Writer and journalist Mark Fraunefelder is now keeping a weblog at [Cool, I’ve always liked his Wired articles.]

I wish Deepleap would solve their Mac certificate problem. I’m ready to take my spare G3 and make it a Linux box just so I can install Netscape and use their web app. [Psssst: I was going to install Linux on my spare Mac anyway…]

Someone has been submitting through my submission form every couple of weeks for the past few months. And every time I visited, the site just didn’t grab me. I don’t know if the design has changed or his writing style has changed since I last visited, but it’s turning into a pretty good site full of witty commentary and great links. And the design is decent, too.


Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 17, 2000 03:09 PM