So, I’ve been thinking …

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about brands lately. I recall a discussion on a mailing list some months back about the origin of brands. Some basic net research turns up this wonderful rules of livestock branding in Canada. And the identification and marking of reptiles. Think about this the next time you see someone walking down the street in a Tommy Hilfiger jacket or a Nike t-shirt. Are we voluntarily branding ourselves?

One of our designers has Ryan McGinness’ book called “flatnessisgod” lying around the office and I’m hooked. This guy is a certified design genius wacko. If you don’t believe me, read this interviewMcGinness is responsible for such corporate logos as the Razorfish mark.

Microsoft’s engineers left a backdoor in the Front Page server software that allows unauthorized access to supposedly “secure” servers. Whoops! Here’s how you can see the password yourself (from B. K. DeLong):

  1. Use or Altavista and locate the file “dvwssr.dll”
  2. Save a copy to your desktop or folder OTHER than MS system
  3. Open in notepad or any other text editor
  4. Wrap the text
  5. Scroll down past the first 12-line block of binary
  6. Look for “Netscape engineers are weenies!” spelled backwards

It’s official. Linux is the fastest-growing OS.

Deepleap: Your robotic pal who’s fun to be with! [?] I’ve been alpha testing this web app for a couple weeks but have been too busy to play with it much. Maybe now that it’s in beta I’ll try to start using it more. And the staff icons are really cool. They really do look like that.

Safe sex. Get it? Safe sex. [Found at]

My brother hates the Wassup commercial, but I think it’s hilarious when they lip-sync it other stuff.

I know I shouldn’t really link to this, but it’s just so damn funny. [Found at MetaFilter]

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