Request: My digital camera …

Request: My digital camera is acting up and I am unable to retrieve the pictures off the smart card. Does anyone want to loan me their Olympus D-320-L (or similar model) for 10 minutes so that I can get the pictures off the card before I send it back into Olympus for repair [again]. Email me.

WaSP: Microsoft gets tarred and feathered. Go WaSP, go.

MozillaZine: Mozilla is a not a browser. Well said, though I think Taylor’s right about the problem of getting the general public to perceive Mozilla as more than a web browser.

I responded to this article on Userland’s discussion boards.

Scott McCloud has a new book called Reinventing Comics coming out in August. It’s the sequel to the amazingly successful book, Understanding Comics.

Design By Numbers is both a book and a programming language that attempts to teach computational design for graphic artists and designers. It’s like learning how to program in a visual way.

O’Reilly Developer Network reviews Netscape 6 PR1.

The guy found a woman. I’ve actually met this guy. He came in for a job interview a year or two back when I was working at And I thought my web experiences were seen as weird.

LogoHell. Swoosh!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 12, 2000 10:43 PM

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