XML.com: XML Web Pages with Mozilla. …

XML.com: XML Web Pages with Mozilla. [I’m becoming a huge fan of XML.com]

I hope all of my readers understand that CamWorld is a direct reflection of what I’m reading and studying on the web, and that in the recent few months there has been a considerable turn towards XML and Mozilla oriented content and links. Six months ago, I would never have thought I’d be so involved in this stuff, but I have a great group of co-workers who soften the technology curve for me.

The Sullivan skin for Mozilla is about 70% implemented. We hope to release it next week.

IBM: Design For Scalability. [Great paper!]

Dori wants to have a Bay Area weblogger get-together early next month. I’m game, but I can’t organize it. I’m far too busy.

You’ll never guess what room (hint: it’s a very small room with a sink) of my apartment I’m updating this page from right now. Let’s just say that Apple’s wireless ethernet rocks!

Harold Stusnick is one busy guy. I met Harold at the SXSW conference earlier this month in Austin. I’ve since learned that not only is Harold an editor at Yahoo, he also runs Offhand Remarks and Media Nugget of the Day.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 30, 2000 09:51 PM