A List Apart: Why Gecko Matters …

A List Apart: Why Gecko Matters [Must read.]

BabelParam is a open source piece of javascript code that allows users to set preferences for a web page. Included in their examples is a multilingual prefernces setting, although I can see all kinds of other uses for this. [Pretty cool.]

These “word pictures” are pretty cool, except the page doesn’t load fully in Netscape (crashes NN4.x/Mac).

Stating the Obvious: Just One Question for Jeffrey Veen

More evidence that either the American TV networks have no clue when it comes to programming, or the real Amereican TV-watching audience is made up of trailer trash and braindead zombies. I just keep building that DVD collection, yessiree, in anticipation of the day there is absolutely nothing on television worth watching, save some PBS shows.

XML.com: Portable Site Information

I think I’m going to order one just so I can throw it out the window of my 10th-floor NYC office. [found at rc3.org]

Ha ha!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 24, 2000 01:35 PM

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