Today’s SXSW Conference Itinerary: …

Today’s SXSW Conference Itinerary:

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM – Various Open Houses at New Media companies in Austin
3:30 PM – Panel: New Media Design
6:00 PM – Web Awards Party (Radisson)
9:00 PM – Deepleap Launch Party (invitiation only)

So far, today was pretty low-key. We attended some open houses at various new media companies in Austin. After fighting off the recruiters, we focused on studying their workspace environments and asked questions they couldn’t answer. It was fun playing with their heads by launching into a tirade of questions about technical issues. Still, it was great to look at other new media company officespaces and make mental notes about what works and what doesn’t work.

At 3:30 we attended a very good panel discussion about new media design. Interestingly enough, it was sponsored by the Texas branch of the Industrial Design Society of America. Lots of great info and ideas from people at Frog Design and BodyMedia.

The DeepLeap party was a blast. Free drinks and lots of familiar faces. The only problem is that I still don’t know what DeepLeap is. Whatever it is, it will be cool. The people behind it are very smart and talented people.

Non-SXSW News and Links: Jakob Nielsen review. is finally out of preview mode. I like the new design. Very clean.

Gallery of the Absurd is a great collection of real-world objects and items that completely fail the real-world usability and functionality tests. Anyone who is fascinated by this industry ought to read Donald Norman’s amazing book “The Design of Everyday Things.” Tales of Near-Sex Experiences. Finally, someone has put something on the web worth reading! [Over 18 only, please.]

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