A good rant about version 5.x …

A good rant about version 5.x browsers for the Mac.

This is truly an interesting experience:

camworld@nish% telnet camix
Connected to camix.alphanumerica.com.

4.4 BSD (macosx) (ttyp2)

login: camworld
[macosx:~] camworld%

Beware the i-bomb!

OSOpinion: Answering the Monopoly Apologists. [Surprisingly well-written.]

MSNBC: The Rise and Fall of Netscape. I really hate journalism that sensationalizes stories like this. While I agree that Netscape is dead and that Microsoft won the browser wars, I feel that Mozilla is alive and well. The problem with today’s clueless journalists is that they are still seeing Mozilla as a web browser. In truth, it’s much, much more than that. While Mozilla started as a web browser, it has evolved into a very powerful cross-platform web application environment. More on this later…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 9, 2000 06:26 PM

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