MacOSRumors (Feb 23) is reporting that …

MacOSRumors (Feb 23) is reporting that Apple’s MacOS X Aqua GUI is stored in a single editable file. Do you realize what this means! It means that Apple might be allowing for future support of alternative GUIs and skins to run on top of their OS. Imagine a Windows2000 skin running on top of the MacOS. Or an Enlightenment skin. Or even a customized skin developed to suit your or your company’s specific needs. Cool! (For you techies, I realize this is a very dumbed-down description and that non-native GUIs/skins on MacOS X requires a lot of work.) [via Bump]

History of Matchcover Collecting

ClickZ: Ten Things I Hate About The Web Business

We are all just sheep. This makes a lot of sense. Read it twice if you have to.

New Weblog: Junkbox. I like this weblog quite a bit, but am not sure if it’s going on my reading list. I’m having trouble keeping up with the ones that I already list. Maybe it’s time to trim/edit the list again…

The beta site for new I like it except for the area the logo is on. It loads fairly fast on a slow 28.8K connection on an old machine. This is always a good sign.

Microsoft is working on a very AOL-like application called MSN Mars. Yuck. [More]

XMLTerm is an XML-based command-line terminal application which lives and operates inside the Mozilla browser. Very cool.


Wearable Software, Accessibility and Voice Browsing

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