David Anderson has an eye-opening interview …

David Anderson has an eye-opening interview with Alan Cooper.

Some Flash-only sites submitted by readers:

  • Shift (wouldn’t even load on my Powerbook 1400c/Netscape)
  • Balthasar (way, way, too big to load over my 28.8K modem connection)
  • FlashChallenge (Ahem…on a 28.8K connection, not likely — very nice design, though)
  • Coupland.com (Yuck, not my style, I guess)

Tara Calashain notes that the Atomz search engine can index Flash sites.

Builder.com: Flash Generator (allows for true dynamic content in Flash)

I’m watching Bill Cosby guest-host for David Letterman. It’s surreal…

And now I’m going to start a rumor. I’ll bet that Letterman retires within a year (or possibly much sooner). When Johnny Carson decided to leave the Tonight Show, we started seeing all kinds of regular guest hosts. After his viewers got used to seeing someone other than him hosting the show, he announced his retirement. I’m guessing that Letterman is following Johnny’s example, starting with a couple of guest hosts this week. My brother thinks that Jerry Seinfeld will ultimately take over for Letterman. [Personally, I’d like to see him go another 10 years. He’s 10 times better than Leno.]

Jabber is an open source Instant Messaging client.

I’m trying to find information about something the founder of VA Linux talked about last night. It’s called OpenCRM, which essentially is a Customer Relationship Management system based on open source code.

Another reason not to use Microsoft’s ActiveX technology.

Apparently, Adobe is working on a Flash tool. I hope it supports SVG? [Thanks Kim, for the links.]

Bad Software: What to do when bad software fails.

I really like the new k10k.net site design, despite a few minor display problems in Netscape for the Mac.

Here’s the k10k.net page that you get when you try to visit with Opera, Mozilla, or any of the 3.x browsers.

I sometimes wonder about the recruitment processes some companies use. I just recieved a recruitment email that was sent to an email address I haven’t used since 1996. Where on earth did they find it? Or are companies now resorting to recruitment spam and form letters? Sigh…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 23, 2000 10:26 PM

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