Let me tell you why I’m …

Let me tell you why I’m so excited, and also why I’ve been so busy lately. Last Thursday, my new employer officially announced support and resources towards developing cutting edge GUIs and technologies for Mozilla. We’ve already developed two GUI packages with their own skins, and are working on some more very intriguing back-end Mozilla stuff. I’m still learning about all this stuff, but am truly impressed by how open Mozilla really is, and how easy it is to create and implement new skins. If you’re curious, you can download and install the packages we developed.

Users should not be able to do this.

An awesome article about the history and origins of Adobe Photoshop.

U.S. Presidential Candidates web site evaluations. This is funny! [via Bifurcated Rivets]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 21, 2000 12:57 PM

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