Slow down, boy. Apparently, IE …

Slow down, boy.

Apparently, IE 5.0 sucks.

I have to admit, Microsoft has some balls to publish something like this.

Watching TV tonight, my brother noticed that there are like 6 Brad
Pitt movies on simultaneously. He wanted to know why. I responded,
“It’s Valentines Day.” Gotta make all those single females feel a bit
less lonely, I suppose.

Sorry about the infrequent posts and lack of good links. I’ve been
swamped this past week. The good news is that I’m working on two
different articles for a popular web magazine, and I’m also working on
some new fiction [gasp!].

I am astonished that it’s taking about 20 hours to import my 400 MB
(about 50,000 messages) of email from Eudora 3.1 to Outlook Express 5. OE
5 is a pretty good mail client, but its import function is dreadfully

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 14, 2000 11:41 PM