Salon has an excellent article that …

Salon has an excellent article that talks about the potential of Mozilla.

Population density put into perspective. [via Flutterby]

From the Archives: Stop Mind Control! Get an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie

Put gun to head. Pull trigger. When are companies going to learn that locking yourself into proprietary technology/services is a bad thing. Sigh…I’ll comment more on this later.

So Bruce Sterling emails me and invites me to his annual SXSW party. And I think to myself, why does that name sound so familiar? Oh yeah…

Philip Greenspun says that putting a picture of yourself naked on your web site is the most surefire way to get a date using your web site. I argue that if I did that, the server would probably crash in protest. People I’ve met in real life after I’ve known them online for a while always comment on how I usually fit the description they had of me in their minds. The only way to describe myself is “midwestern normal.” Shrug.

Macintouch: MacOS X Aqua GUI reader comments.

My old friends at Fusionary Media reminded me of their wonderful little gem of a web site called The Box. Definitely ahead of its time for 1998.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 12, 2000 07:30 PM

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