The SuperFriends do the “Wazzup” commercial. …

The SuperFriends do the “Wazzup” commercial. [Funny!] Not to be confused with the original “Wazzup” Budweiser commercial.

Oh man, this game is going to rock so hard. I think I’m going to have to buy a new Mac just so I can run it. It’ll be worth it, though.

I’m guessing these folks have already been added to the various spam filtering tools and blacklists.

Ugh. It’s that time of year again.

I don’t know whether to be pleased that AOL is being sued for $8 billion or pissed that lawyers are abusing a loophole in computer crime law to do so. Optimistic point of view: sign up for AOL and get $1000.

If you read only one article today, read this one by Jon Udell about Zope, XML and the future of web applications (also called network services). In fact, read it twice. Don’t worry if a lot of it is over your head. This is clearly the future of the web. I happen to be reading Jon Udell’s new book, “Practical Internet Groupware” right now. Highly recommended.

Cluster Analysis for Web Site Organization

Carl Steadman is one funny dude.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 3, 2000 09:39 PM

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