Why don’t you just use your …

Why don’t you just use your finger?

I hate Phil.

Cam speaketh. I don’t like how the site designer has made the answers to questions bold and left the questions themselves un-bolded. It’s very difficult to read this way, as I expect the bolded type to be the question. [This has now been fixed and is much easier to read/scan.]

From the design corner: Spiral logo critiques.

So I was checking out a new weblog today called Harrumph and she’s got a link to a site about The Young Ones, an early ’80s British TV comedy. Oh man, that brings back some childhood memories. Especially the one where Neil sings about a hole in his shoe. If you’ve never seen The Young Ones, you’re missing out on some classic British comedy.

I want a Robo-Monkey.

I’m really liking Cynthia Pearce’s site. Very clean and elegant.

Burnout in the Net Industry.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 2, 2000 11:32 PM