As of 11:30 PM EST: …

As of 11:30 PM EST: has been hacked. In place of the home page, there is the message: “avirex was here please fix your security.” It’s been that way for a couple of hours, as the file has a modified time header of 10:00 PM EST. is a pretty cool site. Nice design, too.

Must-Read: The Purpose of Copyright. [There are reports that this link doesn’t work for everyone. I hope open-spaces fixes it. It is a great article.]

From my logs comes this bit of interesting data. The numbers on the left reflect which colorscheme people have chosen to view CamWorld in:

 80: (default)

Salon: No Sex Please, We’re Geeks.

I guess you have to see it to believe it: BubbleBodyWear.

I know guys who would use one of these at work.

Cool, little pixel-based animations put into Quicktime. [via Brainlog]

Interesting little article comparing the culture of a startup to the culture and work ethic of large corporations. [via Fresh Hell]

Brunching Shuttlecocks: Presidential Contender Quote Affixer. Clever.

Dvorak analyzes the latest report on the social aspect of the online world.

More info on the Microsoft “Digital Dashboard” I referenced the other day. [via Robot Wisdom]

Dan Bricklin: The Option Value of Open Connectivity.

I found this article at about “web-application scalability engineering” and how it’s a start-up’s secret weapon. Hmmm….

Apparently, Alice is a long-lost, real-life Simpson character.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at February 1, 2000 12:46 PM

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