ClickZ: Top 10 Things I Hate …

ClickZ: Top 10 Things I Hate About the Web Business. Number 8 is the best. has been having trouble with keeping their customer data secure. It looks to me like this is a direct result of them choosing a poorly-architected content management system, in this case Broadvision. WML or XML? Choosing the right technology for wireless content aggregation.

A List Apart: Where Have All the Web Designers Gone?

Dear Marketer, Please take me off your lists, Thank You. Lots of links to opt-out pages at numerous companies and ecommerce players.

50 Reasons Why “Return of the Jedi” Sucks.

Copyright Infringement in Cyberspace: Untangling the Web With Existing Law

H.R.2281: Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The First Amendment Handbook: How To Avoid Copyright Infringement. [From a journalistic perspective.]

Apple: A Copyright Primer for Multimedia Developers.

Some observations on copyright law.

An example of a good parody. [via MetaFilter]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 26, 2000 07:10 PM

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