It’s hard to tell if this …

It’s hard to tell if this is a parody, or blatant theft and copyright infringement of Jakob Nielsen’s site. Or maybe it’s a cry for help from someone who feels he needs to pull a stunt like this to draw attention to his site. Yeah, I bet that’s it. [If you’re attempting a parody, then it’s usually considered polite to label it as a parody. Failure to do will result in people thinking you’ve stolen somebody else’s work.]

It was really hard to get that chainsaw through the security checkpoint at Detroit Metro.

The more I think about it, the more I think Neale is doing these stupid/silly stunts simply to get attention. If that’s his motive, he’s succeeded. It’s like in high school when the social outcasts dress in strange and funky ways simply to be noticed. Please tell me the web isn’t turning into another big popularity contest. I had enough of that crap in high school.

Apologies in advance for the slight change in focus here at CamWorld. The next few weeks will likely result in fewer postings, as I’m gearing up for a move from Michigan to New York City. Once I get settled into my new job and new home, CamWorld will return back to normal.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 23, 2000 09:51 PM

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