Some of the web circles have …

Some of the web circles have been abuzz with the story of how the founder of Unamerican Activities threw his business partner’s kitten through a window, which led to its death. Here’s the other side of the story.

CamWorld Submission: “This is so stupid, it’s funny.” [Submitted anonymously.]

AOL 5.0 is being called “The Upgrade of Death.” Apparently, it interferes with software and Internet connectivity from AOL competitors. So, if Microsoft is set to be broken up by the DOJ, then what’s stopping AOL from stepping into Microsoft’s shoes?

Don Norman summarizes the problem(s) and solutions(s) with font sizes, CSS and pixels vs. points, and pulls together a bunch of URLs on the subject. [A must-read.]

Last year when TV Guide purchased the Prevue Channel, I remember thinking that it was going to take a turn for the worse in terms of readability. And I was right. Within a matter of months, they changed the design of the scrolling guide on the bottom half of the screen from a nicely-formatted and very readable blue and white grid with white text to this awful multi-colored grid with rounded squares set in each data cell. This was around January 1st that I noticed the change. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person to notice the decrease in readability/scanning, as they’ve now reverted back to the old grid design and layout. [It would be great if someone had pictures of what I’m talking about.]

Industry Standard: Industry notables ponder the future of the Internet.

Research Goddess Tara Calishain found the housing development that shares my name. [Cool!]

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