Long-time Mac users will remember most …

Long-time Mac users will remember most of these games.

Origin of a Browser. This is an astonishing compilation of browser history. [Bookmark this one.]

Javelink.com Another page-watching service, much like SpyOnIt.com.

I’ve never even heard of this magazine called Competia but it looks like it has some good content.

A superb article in Salon that talks about the future of the Internet, as controlled by AOL/Time-Warner.

Bruce Tognazzini, a well-respected GUI designer, has an in-depth review of the new MacOS X interface that was shown at the recent MacWorld Expo.

Kathy Gill vents about the link-rot that is caused when a site moves from static to database-driven pages.

I just learned about a program called WindowBlinds that allows you to customize the window GUI for Win98. This is the same concept of “skinning” I referenced last week. Someone has already developed an Aqua skin based on Apple’s new MacOS X GUI. [via TechnoWeenie]

How’d I miss this Intro to HDML article on HotWired? Good stuff. This [wireless PDA] is going to be a huge market, folks.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 17, 2000 01:51 PM

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