Faisal Jawdat sent me this link …

Faisal Jawdat sent me this link to a piece of Ask Tog’s reader mail discussing font readability in computer displays.

Another reader pointed me towards a Microsoft page that describes a problem with various Microsoft software regarding font rendering in web pages.

And Microsoft has an entire page dedicated to the Verdana font. Lots of readers are also telling me that Georgia is another very readable font for online reading and retention.

Users of WinAmp and MacAmp are probably aware of the many “skins” that are available for that software. This allows anyone who wants, to design their own user interface (a “skin”) and stick it on top of the basic underlying application. Proponents of Mozilla 5 are likely aware of a similar feature being considered. Neoplanet does this same thing with Internet Explorer.

David Boswell sent me this link to a discussion about Mozilla skins and XUL.

Here is the beginnings of an IE skin for Mozilla.

Argh. I haven’t done this test in about 7-8 years, but I got sucked in by some of the other webloggers. I scored as an iNFp.

DotComGuy, meet NotComGuy.

Bibleman! [via MrPants.]

Heh heh. That’s a pretty steep decline, eh?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 11, 2000 09:41 PM