No really, I’m alive. You can …

No really, I’m alive. You can stop sending me email asking if I dropped
off the face of the earth. Although the red-eye flight I caught
Saturday night from Las Vegas to Detroit was so full the pilot couldn’t
get the plane to cruise at its normal 37,000-foot altitude. I tell
you what, though – America West needs to retire some of these aging
Boeing 737s they’re flying. Giant flying metal tubes of falling-apart
airplane guts – that’s how I think of them.

New issue of Reflections
of a Modem Junkie
is out.

I got a chance to look at IE 5.0 for the Mac at a MacWorld Microsoft party I attended on Friday night. Overall, I think it’s a vast improvement over version 4.5 and appears to be rather stable. The interface is cleaned up quite a bit, and allows the end user to choose a default color scheme for the browser chrome, with the colors echoing the iMac flavors. I asked if they were building in a skins feature like Mozilla 5 is going to have, and they said no and gave some lame excuse. From an observer’s point of view, IE 5.0/Mac looks pretty good, but I’ll only be able to give it a fair review after I’ve tested a wide array of web sites with it. [Early reports tell me that the rendering engine still has some problems.]

Somebody with a DVD player setup, a copy of The Matrix, too much time on their hands, and a 13-year old’s sense of humor (or lack of).

A very long and excellent article on “physical genius.” [Found at]

Flipping around the TV last night I stumbled across a jerky little movie from 1996 called “Ed’s Next Move.” While it’s not a great film, it is a remarkable retrospective on the “nice guy” factor when it comes to today’s society and dating.

While everyone agrees that Charles Shulz created a wonderful comic strip with Peanuts, here’s a bit of a cynical look at Snoopy and the gang.

I’m still catching up on the news of the past week or so. Slashdot interviewed Steve Wozniak!

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Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 10, 2000 10:17 PM