The CamWorld Reader Get-Together last night …

The CamWorld Reader Get-Together last night was a roaring
success. All in all, twelve people showed up, not including my brother
and I. I have pictures but I left my camera software and patch cable
back in Michigan, so I’ll put them online when I get back next week.

Thanks go out to: Lane Becker (and
Courtney Scott and her brother Ben),
David Wertheimer, Elan Freydenson,
Peter Merholz, Judith Zissia,
Anil Dash, Ron
Vogel, Grant Barrett (no
relation), Red DeLeon, and
Joshua Eli Schachter
for making it such a success. It was fun meeting everyone.

Duct tape!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 29, 1999 12:52 PM

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