Now in New York City. It’s …

Now in New York City. It’s cold here too.

I see my old friend Tom Mangan is doing the 7 Questions thing again. He
just interviewed Jason

Tom did a 7
with me way back in September 1998.

Don’t forget the CamWorld Reader Get-Together
tonight at 5:00 P.M. in NYC. If you’ve RSVP’d, I’ll see you there.

Jenni of the infamous JenniCam web site has a moving journal
about Christmas, Christians, and American family life.

I heard on the news that some more people were arrested at the
American border for trying to smuggle in bomb-making equipment. This
is like the second or third incident in a week. I won’t be surprised
if some nutjob blows himself up taking a bunch of people with them. I
also hear that gun sales are at a record high. Maybe it’s time for the
American government to close the borders. At least until this Y2K
hysteria has passed.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 28, 1999 09:03 PM

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