I really hate winters in Michigan. …

I really hate winters in Michigan. The temperature fluctuation can be extreme. I forgot to wear my winter coat to work this morning and when I left work this evening, the locks on my car were frozen shut. After twenty minutes of trying not to break the key off in the lock and avoiding frostbite, I was able to get the passenger door open. So now, my car is parked outside my apartment, with the doors unlocked (I don’t dare lock them again). The driver’s side lock is still frozen solid. Can anyone recommend a good lock-thawing technique? I’ve tried those little tubes of stuff you’re supposed to squirt into the lock, but they never work.

Seth Godin (of Yahoo) has an article in the current issue of Fast Company entitled “In the Face of Change, the Competent Are Helpless.” He talks at length about how “competence is the enemy of change” and argues that competence and the attitudes it creates can actually be a bad thing for some new media companies. An interesting perspective.

I find it quite amazing that three different people have RSVP’d for both the NYC and the San Francisco CamWorld Get-Togethers. New media people travel a lot.

I don’t often completely endorse a television sit-com, but I want to point out that Stark Raving Mad has got to be one of the funniest, best-written shows I’ve seen in quite a few years — especially when compared to the drivel being churned out by most of the networks these days. I mean, what idiot keeps renewing the Veronica’s Closet contract? Ugh.

I wonder how much the camworld.* domains are worth to these folks?

I’m not going to make any comments about Time’s choice for Person of the Year, except that they really blew it. I can think of plenty of more-worthy people than Jeff Bezos. It just goes to show you how the brainwashed the media in this country is.

A couple of interesting news articles from Dave Farber’s Interesting People mailings:

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 20, 1999 06:25 PM

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