Who’s sexier than Po? As …

Who’s sexier than Po?

As a true design geek, I’m in love with packaging. If there were ever a store that sold nothing but different kinds of boxes, envelopes, and foamcore, I’d be there at least once a month. As it is, we now have the web, and a fine mail-order catalog company called Uline.

Of course, no true designer could not also have a love affair with paper, specifically the stuff put out by French Paper. Here’s a company who not only has high-quality products, but also has the class to hire Charles Spencer Anderson, one of the finest design studios in the country. French’s paper catalogs are examples of awesome design. (Maybe it’s my browser, but I can’t seem to get the French Paper site to work tonight. It’s doing some weird looping HTTP request with a .jsp page.)

The votes are in: Readers love the Christmas-light-in-a-box GIF animation. It’s not how good clip art is or isn’t, it’s what you do with that counts.

Anyone who has heard the old Nails song “88 Lines About 44 Women” will love this Brunching Shuttlecocks parody, “88 Lines About 42 Presidents.

Awesome. RatBastard has redesigned, and is now in a format that encourages me to visit more often.

I can’t help but to think that our society is self-destructing after I read about incidents like this.

Go read Dan Lyke’s rant about the new Texas Instrument’s digital projection system now making appearances in some movie theaters. Then go read Roger Ebert’s review. It makes sense that movies like “Toy Story 2” and “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” which are wholly or largely digital, would look better with a digital projection system. Fascinating stuff.

26 characters isn’t enough? The whole idea behind the DNS setup is to make web site addresses memorable. I don’t think another 45 characters is going to help the already unmanagable glut of dot-com advertising and web hype.

Somebody with way, way, way, way too much time on his hands. [Found at Cardhouse.]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 17, 1999 06:14 PM

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