The redesign is now live. There’s …

The redesign is now live. There’s still lots of holes as I convert some of the really old sections of CamWorld and the archives to the new design.

Hey, the redesign is shaping up. I’ve completed an updated template that is looking pretty good. I took alot of your comments into consideration about reading text on the grid background. I also had lots of people comment on the tabs I was using and pointed me towards a recent article by Jakob Nielsen about the mis-use of tabular navigation in web site interface design. Whether or not you agree with Nielsen, he makes some good points.

What’s funny was I received several comments from people refering to older versions of the index.html file that I had left on my server as backups. They found them by changing the number after “index” to a lower number. One reader even sent me feedback about index6.html even before I had finalized the design. I can picture him at home, hitting reload in his browser every 5 minutes to see my changes and tweaks, as I cleaned up rendering problems with the new layout. It’s interesting how people’s curiosity works. Maybe I just need a different file naming scheme. Heh.

Oh yeah, I haven’t tested this at all in IE 4.x or IE 5.0, so if it’s rendering weird, I’ll have to tweak the HTML even more. Yes, I code for Netscape first, IE second.

Not to worry, if the colorschemes are giving you the heebie-jeebies, I’m working on some schemes that work better for cross-platform viewing, but aren’t limited to the web-safe palette.

This is pretty cool. There’s a company called Design Within Reach that does nothing but sell furniture for designers. We’re talking loads of style here, folks.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 15, 1999 05:47 PM

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