Epicentric.com, a portal startup in San …

Epicentric.com, a portal startup in San Francisco, is working on a truly customizable portal — based on a user profile. Here’s some screenshots.

John Stevenson, who wrote a bunch of early eye-opening papers about Internet culture, has a personal web site/weblog at tranquileye.com.

Riffage.com is a site that attempts to rate many of the thousands of MP3s floating around the web. They also have a My Riffage section that lets you compile and share your own playlists. I bring this up because I was cleaning my apartment tonight and found a CD full of MP3s I picked up at one of the Bay Area get-togethers they sponsored during my last trip to San Francisco.

I’ve always been a fan of Amazon.com and what they’ve accomplished, but their new Holiday TV commercials totally suck. You’d think they could have dumped a couple million into creating a real TV ad campaign instead of the cheesy crap they’re now airing. I’m speaking, of course, about the lame “choir” commercials where Amazon employees are singing in what sounds like an empty warehouse.

Expect sporadic connectivity to lots of weblogs tomorrow, or at least the ones that use Pair.com as their hosting provider (quite a few of us). Pair Networks is moving their entire operations center to a new facility. This move will affect CamWorld, so don’t expect any updates tomorrow. You can track Pair’s progress tomorrow at this URL: pair-is-moving.com.

Here’s a great overview of BBDO/Canada’s advertising for Chapters.ca, Pepsi-Cola, Daimler-Chrysler, and more.

Modem Junkie: Thoughts at the End of a Century.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 5, 1999 10:34 PM