Sorry about the lack of updates. …

Sorry about the lack of updates. The holiday weekend really slowed me down. And I’m a week behind in email, so if I haven’t responded to something you wrote, please accept my apologies.

Movies I saw this past weekend: Legend of Sleepy Hollow (surprisingly bad for a Tim Burton movie), Dogma (not as good as I expected, given the caliber of Kevin Smith’s earlier work), and Princess Mononoke (definitely worth the $7.00 admission — simply an amazing movie and an amazing experience). I even bought the soundtracks (both the original and the re-mix which was made for the American version) for Princess Mononoke.

Regarding the 11/28 entry on Unobserved Utterances, I’m puzzled as to why he’s saying the things he is. Is it because his weblog was removed from my reading list? Please see my 11/17 entry for an explanation. Regardless, I think some people invariably take some things far too personally. Grow up people…if you want me to become a regular reader of your weblog, you’re going to have to try just a little bit harder to appeal to my tastes. Calling me names and acting the way you are simply doesn’t get you very far in my book. Maybe an apology is in order.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 29, 1999 03:01 PM

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