Here’s a great forum …

Here’s a great forum thread on HDTV widescreen TVs. My opinion: wait another year for the prices to drop. HDTV is coming – early adopters will always pay a premium.

From 1995: Humanizing Cyberspace: Privacy, Freedom of Speech, and the Information Highway.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The author of this piece makes the comment that an astonishing number of the show’s residents come from New Jersey. If I recall correctly, the toll-free phone number used to not be toll-free, except for in a few states, like New Jersey.

Heh, let’s see a bunch of PCs do that without crashing.

Wow, I’m glad to see incidents like this being treated seriously.

Look ma, I’m finally popular. [Sniff]

Oh wow. Oh wow. Stuff like this makes me get excited about LEGOs again.

Displaying Photographs on the Web, by Victor Lombardi.

I really like the clean, elegant, minimal design of MetaJohn – a new weblog. makes a valiant attempt at competing with, but upon first look I have no idea where to click first. The front page is a perfect model of information overload. If an experienced web surfer like me gets confused with a site like this, you can only imagine how flustered the typical user will get. Too many links wth no correlating content is a bad thing.

Reflections of a Modem Junkie is one of the oldest tech-oriented personal web sites on the web. Lots of great stuff to read here. No surprise here that this was submitted to CamWorld by someone using the Opera browser. is another nicely-designed weblog, but it hasn’t yet earned a place on my list as it consists of mostly links I’ve seen elsewhere recently. Which leads me to think about why some weblogs insist on pilfering most of their links from other weblogs. I’m keeping an eye on, because I think it can become better over time.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 24, 1999 09:59 PM

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