I feel completely burned out and …

I feel completely burned out and I don’t know why.

Does anyone else have a problem with the new MacOS Open/Save dialog interface being completely sucky? I love using Default Folder to quickly navigate multiple folders and volumes, and the new Open/Save interface has a really crappy implementation of this same functionality, and at the same time renders Default Folder useless. Ugh.

I saw “The Insider” and “The House on Haunted Hill” this weekend. The first was superb and second totally sucked. I don’t have enough energy right now to write more about them. Maybe I’m coming down with something.

Related Meta: Why do all the movie web sites now use extensive Flash? They also do browser detects that spit back “Sorry, you don’t have the Flash plug-in, so fuck off” pages even though I do have a Flash plug-in installed, albeit an old one.

I find it interesting that on several mailing lists I’m subscribed to, people are already talking about Microsoft in the past tense. “Microsoft was a great company” and “It was great while it lasted.”

Well said, Rogers.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 8, 1999 08:20 PM

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