New British slang. [via, a …

New British slang. [via, a new weblog for Europeans]

Dack Ragus has an excellent article called “Best Practices for Designing Shopping Cart and Checkout Interfaces” that everyone designing checkout pages for ecommere sites must read. While you’re there, check out the rest of Lots of great stuff.

Regarding Monday’s Research Challenge, I completely forgot about the famous exploding whale video that is firmly entrenched into urban [net] folklore.

From 1995, comes RLE’s rant about The Spot. You’ve been on the web for quite a while if you can remember when The Spot was hot.

The Rapture Index.

Wow. Very nice design.

Let me tell you a little story. I spent my high school years in a pathetic little town called Kalkaska, Michigan. Last year, the residents of this town voted to approve a $6 million bond issue (a lot of money for such a small town) for a new sports complex. Here’s the kicker: In 1993, this very same town made national news headlines by shutting down its entire school system in March (a full three months before the end of the school year) because they had no money left. Why did they have no money left? Because the residents voted to turn down a millage that would have kept the schools open. So, now your kid might not be able to spell or show you where Africa is on a map, but hey, he can ice skate anytime he wants.

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